Creatine For Ladies - How to Use Creatine For Fat Loss

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Body fat reduction is possible with creatine for ladies. And, here is a weight loss lesson to be uncovered about how to use creatine for fat loss rejuvenation.

Okay. You are female, who is just a few, or perhaps even many pounds overweight. You want to lose at least some of that excess body fat, especially the extra gelatinous tissue which exists around your waistline, rear of thighs, and/or the backs of your arms (a normally favored place for fat to hang around on a woman).

Now, it just so happens that you already have some experience with weight loss products, and perhaps you are beginning to use weighted resistance exercises to further promote your fat burning and lean body results. You have seen the many, diverse, and often totally curiously unknown supplements that exist online. Still, someone trustworthy is yet to explain to you exactly how to use creatine for fat loss freedom.

And, what you need right now, at this phase of your fat-loss dedication is some REAL, honest, ethical, and straightforward WISDOM about exactly how creatine affects a lady who wants to lose weight.

To quickly summarize for you nearly EVERY single comment made by actual female creatine users, it has a very mildly positive effect as a DIRECT weight loss supplement when used by a lady.

Perhaps by now you are wondering, "Why does this writing consistently make mention of gender when it comes to creatine use?" Ladies basically possess fewer muscle fibers than men, and the muscles therefore retain a smaller amount of creatine. A lady also naturally has less testosterone, the natural hormone responsible for muscular size developments.

While considering how to use creatine for fat loss procurement, there are specific variables to consider, according to gender. The above is what accounts for the vastly different outward appearances that a man who is muscularly developed will portray, as opposed to a nicely developed female body.

Here is a good place to mention, however, that the pound-for-pound "performance training benefit" remains about the same for males and females. The way to measure this attribute is by recording the weighted resistance used in your workouts, and also by noting the progress you are making with your sets and repetitions in terms of fatigue, endurance, and stamina.

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Are the pieces of this puzzle about how to use creatine for fat loss longevity coming together for you now?

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Creatine For Ladies - How to Use Creatine For Fat Loss

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This article was published on 2010/04/03