How to Use Creatine For Optimal Results

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Creatine is a supplement which is believed to help athletes boost their performance, and help just about anyone to build muscle mass. In order to achieve the best results, it is important to follow the Creatine cycle and phases on a regular and punctual basis. Only by adhering to this three phase cycle, one can not guarantee himself the perfect outcome. There are too many other technicalities involved. At what time during the day should one take Creatine? What drink to use to aid the intake of Creatine? Does Creatine cause acne? Is it good for people with muscle dystrophies? Does the prolonged use of Creatine cause cramps? The questions are of an over whelming amount. The doubts, the rumors are all present, but so are the facts and figures.

How to get started with Creatine: 

The wise step before starting to undertake the usage of absolutely any product, especially one related to health and fitness, it is pertinent that ample research is done beforehand. All looming questions and queries are tackled with in the most satisfactory manner.  Clearing all doubts before experimenting with your physical self is the most important thing. You need to be assured that the product is beneficial and does not have any side effects that may be harmful, or the product at hand does not have a reactive agent that your body is allergic to.

Tips and tricks for new Creatine users:  

Stay Hydrated: The most important tip to follow regarding Creatine intake is keeping the body well hydrated. Large amounts of Creatine are consumed during the loading phase and if the body is not kept well hydrated then this can prove to bring out the toxic side of Creatine: toxins can be released into the body rendering the internal system more harm than good. Drinking plentiful water is a must for everyone out there: especially for those involved in sports and body building exercises. Keeping the body well hydrated helps to flush out different toxins, providing a hindrance from the harmful effects of Creatine.

Use with a sugar base: Research has shown that up to 60% of cell uptake can be increased, if Creatine is used with a sugar base. For example: fruit juice. The high the drink is in sugar, the more easily the Creatine will mix in to the muscle. Grape juice is a drink drenched in glucose; making it a great drink to go along with your dose of Creatine for the insulin will push forth the Creatine in to the muscle providing you with a 60% better uptake of cells.

Avoid using with acidic drinks: While Creatine mixes well with sugar, with acids it has an opposite effect. The effects of this amino acid are negated if the drink accompanying the Creatine dosage is acidic, for example, orange juice. Mixing both acids together will not only result in wastage of the Creatine amount, but also the time, money and expectations for the impact is neutralized, giving no gain and all loss. In case an upset stomach is a malady you suffer from, cranberry juice suffices almost perfectly for this. However, if sugar stuffed juices do not appeal to your taste buds, a warm or hot liquid would have the same effect in the dissolution of Creatine in to your body muscle

Get the right quantity of Creatine:

There is a lot of on-going argument regarding the true consumption of Creatine and the importance of the loading stage. Research has shown that 3 grams of Creatine from the beginning have the same impact as an overdose of 20 grams in the loading phase. While as a result of the high dosage in the loading phase, results may be immediate, it has been proved that the results with a smaller dosage are also identical over a period of time. This can be judged by comparing the blood Creatine samples of both forms of dosage after a period of 30 days.

However, immediate results come with a heavy price. Heavy dosage of Creatine may result in an upset stomach or worse still, if the digestive system is highly sensitive then even a stomach ulcer. Playing it safe is the best policy under all circumstances. Not only does it have favorable results on the interior and exterior of the body, but also saves up on cash as small dosages consume less money.

Understand your body:

Making the most out of the Creatine intake is the goal one should be working towards. Taking up Creatine at significant intervals during the day is important. However, this depends more on the workings of your body rather than the routine everyone else is following. Eating Creatine on an empty stomach might react in a negative manner with some people, while with others; consuming Creatine on an empty stomach poses no such problems.

Similarly, people have different views on whether to take Creatine before work out of after workout. A much more sensible choice is to consume Creatine right after the workout. The reason being simple: the body is warmed up; it is in a state of sucking up nutrients, implying that the dissolution of Creatine in to the blood will be a faster process.

Several personal aspects ought to be taken in to consideration before arriving at a fixed Creatine diet plan. Yes, this dietary supplement is natural and advantageous, but the important question is, is your body suited to this type of supplement? Trial and error therefore appears to be the perfect way to learn what Creatine diet plan suits you.

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How to Use Creatine For Optimal Results

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